Quiz: Are you tech fit?

  • Social media is a must, but that doesn't mean that you should just put your listings out there. Be authentic.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly because that's where potential clients are -- on their phones.
  • Have an a kick-ass CRM to back you up.

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In a recent interview with industry trend and technology commentator Brad Inman, we discussed where real estate was heading and what the best agents are doing to connect with their clients and add value in new and exciting ways, which is how I came up with this tech fit quiz. Inman has correctly forecast that consumers are getting smarter and will seek out the agent with the tools and tech savvy market profile to help them with their real estate solution. Pretty much a no-brainer one would think, except the majority of agents still don't get it. You can check out my interview with Brad Inman here. When I listened back to my interview, I made a heap of notes and quickly came up with what I'm calling a "Real Estate Tech Check" so agents can test their tech readiness to attract new clients. Take the test now, and give yourself 10 points for every yes. 1. Do you have a personal website? Here's the thing: This morning, in the area where you make a living being an awesome real ...