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Good news! As you wind down the year, you have only two tasks left: putting a ribbon around 2016 and putting pins in place for a strong start to 2017. To facilitate this wrap-up-and-start-up mentality, have a look at these 10 great strategies.

Dec 7

Most real estate agents already know what to do. They say it all the time. The usual comment is: “I know what to do — I’ve just got to do it.” But they aren’t doing it. So let’s do a success checkup and look at 10 things you shouldn’t do if you want a healthy real estate business.

Aug 1

We are now past the first quarter of 2016. Remember that excitement and enthusiasm you started off with the first week of January? It’s natural that some of that energy might have faded a bit. No matter the state of your business right now, sometimes it’s a good idea to give it a shot in the arm with a plan for lead generation that’s simple and easy to accomplish — if you stick to it.

Jul 25

Internet leads can be very profitable as long as you take the right approach and have realistic expectations. The art of converting internet leads is dramatically different than the traditional approach used in sales.

Apr 12

It’s no secret that your past clients and sphere of influence are your best source of business. Getting the best return from your database, however, is a secret. Here are five ideas for a consistently terrific return.

Apr 8