4 core places you should be spending your lead generation budget

It’s the second quarter of 2016 -- where should you be allocating your budget dollars?
  • CEOs don’t outsource strategy, so why are so many real estate agents okay with outsourcing the most important element of their business?
  • Throw away the myth that “getting your name out there” brings in business. It doesn’t.
  • Instead of trying to explain to people why you are different, leverage your website to show them you are different.
  • We must stop falling for the “touch your leads X number of times” lie. It's not about the "touch."

Last fall, I talked about the Top 5 places you should spend your lead generation budget…and it was a really popular article. I completely understand why it was so popular. Lead generation is so important, and we are inundated with shiny objects all around us — constantly vying not only for our attention, but also for our money.