How my home’s Zestimate got me the deal of a lifetime

If the previous owners had claimed their home, I might not be living here
  • The Zestimate on my home was significantly lower than the initial asking price.
  • After I bought it, I tweaked my home's details and noticed that the amount the Zestimate increased was very close to the amount that the home price fell before it sold.

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When I saw that Zillow had unveiled a new Owner Dashboard yesterday, I was personally thankful for the timing. Had an initiative like this been unveiled last summer, you see, I might still be looking for a home to buy instead of comfortably settled in the perfect place. Because the previous owners of my house might have heard about the campaign, claimed their home and thus put it permanently out of my reach. Am I exaggerating? Here are the facts. The house: the details This is an impossible home to Zestimate. I'm sure every homeowner feels that way. But my loan officer and listing agent both confirmed the difficulty of finding comparable sales at the closing, commiserating together. Why? 1. The location. I live in a tiny town in the mountains of Colorado, and most of the homes around here have Walk Scores of 0. Mine is 70. I actually put an offer on a house with a score of 0, so that wasn't critical to me, but it's certainly nice to be within walking distance o...