Could real estate teams solve the agent quality problem?

  • Teams could provide more supervision and support for new agents.
  • Teams could give new agents a structured environment in which to learn every aspect of the business -- one step at a time.
  • The increased collaboration on teams means it would likely be more obvious if an agent were struggling than it might be in a brokerage environment.

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A few smart people have said some things in my vicinity lately that got me thinking. Jay Luebke, a 21-year-old real estate agent whom Brad Inman interviewed on his Unlisted podcast back in February, attributed part of his success in real estate to the fact that he is on a team. "Being on a team is a must," Luebke said. "I’m a complete team supporter. "There are so many incredible people on my team right now that I can learn from each one of them and from their different experiences," he added. And in our special report on real estate teams, published in February, a veteran agent in the business for more than a decade put it this way: “Real estate has become far too complicated for single agents to effectively manage more than six transactions a year. It is very costly for new, startup agents to get up and running effectively. Teams provide team members with a constant flow of leads, meaning they can be effective much more quickly than if they are on their own....