Zillow may have just beat Upstream to market

  • Zillow's Retsly Connect offers agents that belong to Retsly MLS partners access to new listing management tools.
  • That's supposed to be a big benefit of AMP, a platform that NAR and Upstream are leveraging to build a listing data collection and distribution platform that's separate from AMP.
  • One difference between AMP, as it's currently planned, and Retsly Connect is that Retsly Connect doesn't support listing entry or editing functionality via various "front ends."

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Many real estate agents are set to gain access to a wide array of multiple listing service (MLS) management tools with the introduction of a new service from Zillow, the listing portal has announced. Retsly Connect, a service powered by listing data aggregator and Zillow subsidiary Retsly, will let software developers create MLS-connected listings management tools that agents can use alongside existing “front end” tools provided by their MLS.