Zillow may have just beat Upstream to market

Retsly Connect lets agents and brokers use additional 'front-end' MLS tools
  • Zillow's Retsly Connect offers agents that belong to Retsly MLS partners access to new listing management tools.
  • That's supposed to be a big benefit of AMP, a platform that NAR and Upstream are leveraging to build a listing data collection and distribution platform that's separate from AMP.
  • One difference between AMP, as it's currently planned, and Retsly Connect is that Retsly Connect doesn't support listing entry or editing functionality via various "front ends."

Many real estate agents are set to gain access to a wide array of multiple listing service (MLS) management tools with the introduction of a new service from Zillow, the listing portal has announced. Retsly Connect, a service powered by listing data aggregator and Zillow subsidiary Retsly, will let software developers create MLS-connected listings management tools that agents can use alongside existing “front end” tools provided by their MLS.