Does Zillow overshadow ‘real estate?’

Google search traffic lends credence to theory
  • Zillow's brand recognition is so acute, consumers are more likely to search 'zillow' on Google than 'real estate.'
  • That may partly explain why some agents can find it challenging to get consumers to trust them more than the listing portal.

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In what could be seen as a symbolic branding triumph for Zillow, consumers recently became more likely to search "zillow" on Google than "real estate." The number of "zillow" searches had been in striking distance of the number of "real estate" searches for the last year or two. But in March, "zillow" searches surpassed "real estate" searches for the first time. When comparing the search terms "zillow," "real estate," "" and "trulia," Google Trends handed "zillow" a "search interest" score of 52 in March, three points higher than "real estate"s score of 49. During the same month, Trulia and registered scores of 9 and 5, respectively. Source: Google Trends Comparing searches of "zillow" and "" may be unfair because consumers may be less likely to search a company name that's the same as its web address. This is borne out by the fact that's lead in total web traffic over is vastly smaller on a percen...