How to boost your sales in the 1st quarter of changing brokerages

The two agents who launched the new Compass Cambridge, Massachusetts office talk about their ground breaking first quarter and what they are doing differently.
  • Don't let fear of losing income stop you from making a move to another brokerage if it's going to up your game.
  • Use the opportunity to communicate with all your clients when you are moving companies and get them excited about it.
  • Days on market are irrelevant compared to getting the magic number.

In the once-sleepy, now-thriving real estate market of Cambridge, Massachusetts — a hub for the pharmaceutical industry, MIT and Harvard offshoots and their highly skilled workers –many of the top agents have been with the same firm for years. This was the case with John Petrowsky and Christian Jones. The two agents were at Hammond Real Estate, a large local brokerage, for 27 years and 10 years, respectively.