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Senator Elizabeth Warren asks for — and gets — Realtors’ help

Senator urges NAR to support student loan bill to boost housing market
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the National Association of Realtors' midyear conference today to drum up support for a student loan refinancing bill.
  • Warren said the bill would help more young people become homeowners and boost the housing market by allowing them to refinance at lower rates.
  • NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said student loan debt delays homeownership for about five years.

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WASHINGTON -- Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, spoke at the National Association of Realtors' midyear conference this morning to urge Realtors to support a bill that could help student loan borrowers enter the housing market. Warren took the stage amid cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd. The burden of student debt "Last year, seven out of 10 college graduates had to borrow money to make it through school," Warren told attendees of the Realtors Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo. "We are pricing people out of the foundational pieces of the middle class. This debt is crushing young people. Student debt is weighing down young families and it threatens our economy." Senator Elizabeth Warren at the Realtors Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo on May 12, 2016 "The data show that student loan burdens have increased and as they have increased fewer and fewer young people are buying a home and that means that some of them, who knows how many, m...