Coldwell Banker introduces the first smart home certificate course for agents

The initiative aims to give Coldwell Banker agents a leg up in the competitive real estate market
  • Coldwell Banker has added two 90-minute courses on smart homes to its Coldwell Banker University offerings.
  • The two courses, "Inside the Smart Home" and "Guiding Clients to Smarter Homes," will teach agents the components of a smart home, and how to differentiate between various tools and platforms so they can provide better advice to homebuyers and homesellers.
  • The course is just the second part in Coldwell Banker's push to become the smart home leader. Coldwell Banker president and COO, Budge Huskey, says there are more initiatives on the way.

This month Coldwell Banker announced its partnership with CNET to create a clear definition of a smart home to better help agents, sellers, buyers and owners understand this emerging home trend. But Coldwell Banker isn’t done with its journey to become the go-to real estate company for cutting-edge tech.