9 ways to cut the noise and laser focus on being productive

Getting honest with yourself about your time choices isn’t easy, but it’s valuable
  • Choose to manage your time; don’t allow yourself to be managed by time.
  • Using time-saving hacks will change your life and your business.
  • Don’t waste another moment in mind-numbing nothingness.

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I hear this all the time: I don’t have time to blog. I’m too busy “actually working." Huh. Well, I challenge that statement. I challenge you to challenge yourself. The reality is, you do have the time. You simply choose not to have the time to be productive in that arena. The average American watches about five hours of TV a day. This isn’t how long the TV is on; this is how much TV we are watching. Now, don’t start with me that you don’t watch that much TV. If you watch TV, you spend a lot of wasted time watching it. And, if TV isn’t your thing, then something else is -- browsing Facebook? Getting caught into the rabbit whole of the web? Getting involved in conversations and debates in Facebook groups? Attending every event known to man? Hanging out at the local pub every evening? The truth is: we find the time to do what we want to do. It’s not enough to say that something is a priority, our actions must show that something is our priority. If bui...