‘The Global Code’: Reshaping luxury real estate as we know it

  • A culture code is what causes people from that country to buy.
  • The global brain differs from the emerging global mind.
  • The global tribe is reinventing the luxury real estate market.

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In his new book "The Global Code," anthropologist, psychiatrist and world-renowned marketing guru Clotaire Rapaille argues that technology is giving birth to a set of new global codes. These global codes differ radically from the individual country culture codes that have dominated our past approaches to marketing. Members of the “satellite tribe” are setting the standards for what these new codes entail, especially for the luxury real estate market. I have written numerous columns about Clotaire Rapaille and what his research shows about culture codes for various countries. A culture code is what causes people from that country to buy. For example, in the United States, our culture codes for buying are “dream, hope, and fix it.” Bill Clinton and Barack Obama rode the "hope" and "dream" codes to get to the White House in previous elections. Based on Rapaille’s research, I wrote a column in September 2015 predicting that Trump’s “Make America great again...