Where are your ethics?

What to do when another agent's buyers come a-callin'
  • We are real estate agents, and we have our ethics -- not just our commissions -- to worry about.
  • Your reputation will outlive that referral fee you are paying.
  • Be the bigger agent. Even if it’s not in writing, do what is right.
  • A super agent moves on to the next deal, even if it didn’t end the way he or she had hoped, so hold your head high, and be proud.

Let's talk about ethics for a moment. It’s time for some confessions. I’m going to be honest. Hold on to your seats. OK, are you ready? This is it: I swear. I mean to say, I have a potty mouth, and sometimes I swear like a sailor. But that’s not all. I know, what else could there be? Well, here it is: I try to, but I don’t go to church every Sunday. That said I do still believe in God, and try to do right by him. I might not be able to quote the Bible, but I get the gist, and I try hard to live my life by it. Even with my flaws, I try to be the best mom and role model to my children, but sometimes I screw up (usually it's because of my swearing). So how does this all play into my day job as a real estate agent? You see, I’m an agent who, well how do I say this? I have ethics. Does that sound like an oxymoron? So many times we get this rep as a used car salesperson, and I start to wonder why. I think the answer might be in our ethics, or in some cases, our lack of eth...