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How is Airbnb affecting housing in each market?

Opponents of Airbnb have long argued that the platform aids in eliminating inventory and affordable housing
  • Multi-unit operators and full-time hosts make up 66 percent of Airbnb's revenue.
  • New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami have the largest share of full-time operators.
  • Mega-operators, or those operating three or more units, was the largest uptick from October 2014 to September 2015.

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Shared housing and short-term rentals are no new phenomenon, but their increased presence in major cities around the world has caused a lot of speculation over the localized impact on the housing market and home prices. And while the platform is advertised as a place to share and experience local culture, Airbnb is a breeding ground for much more. A recent analysis points to two growing trends: multiple-unit operators and full-time hosts. Both of these groups of individuals are major contributors to Airbnb's bottom line and may have a severe impact on the affordability and availability of homes for actual residents. The report, "From Air Matresses to Unregulated Business: An Analysis of the Other Side of Airbnb," looks at 14 major metros to dig deep into the real impact of the platform. For the sake of the report, a full-time operator is one that rents out units 360 days or more each year and a multi-unit operator rents out two or more units. The 14-city sample stud...