An open letter to homebuyers: How to find ‘the one’

Finding the right home in a seller’s market and why I’m not settling
  • Buying in a seller’s market takes resilience -- and a bit of foolish hope.
  • Compatibility turns houses into homes.
  • Intuition, not wishlists, guide our decision to buy.

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I have decided that buying a house in a seller’s market is like dating. It challenges your willpower and your stamina, and it makes you question all that matters to you. A house search in an inventory-strapped city such as Los Angeles can be an especially torturous exercise. I know because my husband and I have been looking off and on for over a year. There are the open houses every weekend, the daily scouring of real estate websites and the emotional highs of finding two (maybe three, if you’re lucky) properties in your price range. And there are the lows of getting outbid on a property you love, multiplied by the number of stomach-churning million-dollar fixers in your neighborhoods of choice. And then, there is the constant resetting of criteria and second-guessing of your decision-making skills. Should we just buy a condo? Should we move to the suburbs? Why are we the only ones who can see the cracks in the foundation in this flipped house? Are we in another housing...