How getting top dollar for clients made my business

Use your experience and knowledge to help clients sell their homes for more money
  • Agents should be investing time in helping their clients earn top dollar for their homes or finding the best home for their clients' dollar.
  • After the dark years, buyers are not flush with sufficient cash to improve their homes after buying. Therefore, buyers pay more for updated, move-in ready homes.
  • Sellers have to be more aware of current trends to get top dollar because buyers can now see what’s inside the house from their couch and will pass on viewing dated properties.

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The phone rings in my office, late in the day on Thursday back in 2012. The caller tells me he has been looking on Zillow and wants to talk to me about selling his house. We make an appointment to meet (he doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to get him top dollar for his house). As it turns out it was Andrew Sams, who I worked with at a software company about 10 years ago. Sams had owned this house for many years and was tired of being a landlord. I arrived at the home and realized that he has linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, the interior of the house had not been painted in about eight years. The appliances were approaching 14 years old, and the carpet was original, though the home was well-maintained. Sams told me he was hoping to squeak out a tiny gain on the sale of this house. Being honest with clients At this point in my career, I had been a devoted buyer’s agent for eight years, with my business averaging 66 percent buyers and about 33 percent listin...