Real Estate Radio: How living life 'as a contribution' leads to transactional excellence

Real Estate Radio peeks inside John L. Scott Real Estate in Seattle

This week we are pleased to welcome Lennox Scott, the CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate based in Seattle, Washington.

Scott joins us this week with a powerful session that can help you whether you are dealing with business challenges — or even a life-threatening illness, such as cancer. Here’s what he will be covering:

  • A quick overview of the 85-year history of John L. Scott
  • How “living life as a contribution” mindset can literally work miracles in your life
  • “I am not the situation!” How to walk in the positive outcome and abundance
  • Predictions about when to expect the next downturn and how the 10-year real estate cycle works
  • How to classify super-hot seller markets based upon the months of inventory and price appreciation — frenzy, surge, strong, healthy, adjusting, correction

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