Why buyers buy — unlocking your clients’ reptilian instincts

Secrets that make buyers buy
  • Almost all real estate marketing is cortical rather than reptilian in nature.
  • Be sure to have creature comforts at hand during open houses.
  • Stage your listing for relaxation and have snacks -- the reptilian brain always wins.

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Would you like to unlock the secret of what causes buyers to buy? If you’re ready to discover the words and images that trigger the brain centers for buying behavior, Clotaire Rapaille’s research has the key. "The Culture Code" / Clotaire Rapaille In previous columns, I have discussed how Clotaire Rapaille has unlocked the culture codes and the global codes that trigger buying behavior. In every one of Rapaille’s books and research articles, there is one principle that takes precedence over all else -- "The reptilian always wins." What Rapaille’s research has shown is that decisions to buy are not made at the cortical level -- instead, they are made at the brainstem (reptilian brain) level. Buyers are not liars There’s an old adage that buyers are liars. The truth of the matter is that buyers really aren’t liars; they’re just answering your questions about the home they want based on their rational or thinking brain (the cerebral cortex). According to Ra...