The real estate agent’s recipe for a successful cloud-based business

One Venice Beach agent tells his story of a hard won 30 year real estate career and his next move becoming a cloud agent with eXp Realty
  • Doing well as a cloud agent takes the right mindset and mental toughness, according to Derrick Ruiz.

  • Choose your first cloud brokerage based on the right leader, training and access to an online community.

  • Cloud brokerages are not for new agents; they should start with the real thing first.

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Los Angeles broker Derrick Ruiz is grooming his 12-year-old-son to be a real estate agent. Kenneth sees his dad working from his home office, never wearing a suit and coming out to say "hi" when he and his sister come home from school. "I don't have to commute to work; I can help with the Little League stuff; my professional life and family life are all enmeshed. I could be barbecuing in between writing a presentation," said Ruiz. "We go look at properties, I take my camera. Real estate is a really good lifestyle if you do it right." The real estate veteran of 30 years makes a good financial argument. "We make more than lawyers and doctors now -- I'm working on a deal for a 16-unit apartment building for $5.5 million and will make a $275,000 gross commission, while the trust lawyer on the deal is earning $6,000 to set up the trust," noted Ruiz. The author of the new book, "Cloud Agent: How Real Estate Agents Can Combine Cloud Technology With A Powerful Mindset T...