4 WeChat insider tips to gain and convert Chinese clients

Snag more Chinese homebuyers with the social app they love most
  • China’s social media network WeChat is so ubiquitous that you should have your own account if you want to work with Chinese clients.
  • Connect with clients and nurture them through the buying process using the app instead of email or the phone.
  • Use WeChat’s QR code feature to connect quickly with new acquaintances and capture all of their contact information.

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China gets criticized in the West for banning sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google. What is often overlooked is that the country's homegrown internet companies are often more popular, more profitable and more innovative than their counterparts in the U.S. While Statista reports that Twitter has 320 million users and Instagram 400 million, China’s WeChat has 697 million. Many of Facebook’s new and upcoming features -- such as in-app shopping, money transfers and messenger bots -- are known in the tech industry as a plan to turn Mark Zuckerberg’s company into merely a “WeChat clone.” At first glance, WeChat is just another app for chatting, much like Facebook Messenger or Apple Messages. But, while Facebook considers itself a success if it grows the number of people who use it each month, WeChat considers itself a failure if its own users aren’t relying on the app for every aspect of their lives -- including chatting, dating, shopping, arranging meetings a...