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While President-elect Trump maneuvers his transition from candidate to president, the real estate industry is starting to sort out whether his policies will be good or bad for business.

Nov 21

Is the EB-5 Investment visa really dead? Iowa Senator Charles E. Grassley would certainly like to think so. Late last year, he led an effort in Congress to change the program in ways that could make it much less successful.

Aug 12

China gets criticized in the West for banning sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google. What is often overlooked is that the country’s homegrown internet companies are often more popular, more profitable and more innovative than their counterparts in the U.S.

Jul 12

Increasingly, the answer is that they buy real estate in markets like yours across the United States, which is their most popular destination for real estate investment. China’s high home prices are creating opportunities for agents in the U.S.

Apr 29