Podcast: 8 keys to mastering the real estate listing presentation

Agent Brian Weast shares his secrets
  • Spend the 15 minutes prior to your listing appointment (possibly on the car ride to the house) avoiding human interaction and focusing your mental energy on closing the listing.
  • Uncover objections in the second step of the listing presentation in preparation for how you will handle those objections later.
  • Showing and not just telling will help you close more listings.

Are you ready to learn how to master the real estate listing presentation and close more real estate listings when you get in the door? The following eight keys to mastering a real estate listing presentation come from Brian Weast — a top-producing Dallas-area real estate agent who has been on nearly 1,000 listing appointments during his career. Last year, Weast and his team used the following real estate listing presentation process to secure and sell 90 listings.