Realtor membership: Is now the time to make it a choice?

Forcing membership doesn't create a stronger organization
  • Recent articles published on Inman about NAR saw many Realtors engage in spirited dialogue.
  • Some members view NAR dues as a “tax” to practice real estate.
  • Negative views about NAR might stem, in part, because most Realtors do not have the choice about whether to belong.

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In the past couple of weeks, there has been much discussion about the National Association of Realtors on Inman and social media. It began with an Inman article about NAR staff and volunteer leader compensation, followed by Rob Hahn’s insight into how NAR spends marketing dollars, followed by Teresa Boardman’s thoughts on women leaders at NAR (or the lack thereof), followed by Hahn giving his thoughts on the women who NAR should consider as their next CEO. In addition to the many comments on Inman to each of these articles, there was a flurry of posts on social media where more voices engaged in dialogue on the varied subjects. Membership 'tax' As I read all of the articles and as many of the conversation strings I could find, I was reminded of a day that has stuck with me during my involvement in the Realtor organization. I was just a month in my seat as the CEO of a state Realtor association. I inherited a budget deficit, and we needed to figure out what to do the foll...