Keller Williams partners with Hurdlr on ProfitDash

The app for independent contractor financial management will be tweaked for real estate agents
  • The freelance finance app Hurdlr is partnering with Keller Williams to create a real estate version of its app for agents, ProfitDash.
  • The app will sync with Keller Williams systems and automate several aspects of agent expense tracking.
  • Both Keller Williams and Hurdlr plan to make ProfitDash available to other real estate agents in the future.

Any independent contractor understands this reality of freelance life: tracking expenses so you can get compensated for any appropriate items related to your business, or submitting those numbers to the IRS come tax time. Sounds pretty simple. In reality, it almost always means that real estate agents must remember to stop what they’re doing and turn on a mileage tracker, file a receipt or conduct another activity that the IRS requires.