Should agents create a Facebook group?

The pros and cons of creating a group
  • Facebook groups offer benefits that are different than those offered by a Facebook page.
  • A Facebook group is much more personal and requires a much greater time investment than a Facebook page or profile.
  • If you aren't ready to create your own Facebook group, you can join an existing group instead.

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A Facebook group is different from a Facebook page. A group is a digital club, and rather than meeting in person, the group meets on Facebook. Much like clubs, Facebook groups are designed to be a more personal spaces, and as such, Facebook considers them an extension of the people or person leading the group. If you are thinking about creating a Facebook group, make sure that you have the time to dedicate to it or that you can task someone else the job of maintenance. A Facebook group with no activity is useless. Imagine joining a book club that never meets or finishes a book. You must be active. So if you have limited time, it is likely better for you to join existing groups than to start a new one. What are the benefits of starting a group? More privacy control: You’ll have the ability to create public groups, closed groups or even secret groups. More engagement: Naturally, groups foster more discussion, which leads to higher engagement. On the other hand, a bus...