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NAR seeks ‘tech-savvy’ manager of MLS

New hire will assist MLSs that want to explore mergers, data shares and other cooperative ventures
  • The National Association of Realtors is in search of an individual with MLS operations experience to manage its partnership with the Council of MLSs.
  • The new position will expand NAR's MLS resources beyond the traditional policy role, including assisting MLSs that want to explore mergers, consolidation, data shares or other cooperative ventures, NAR said.
  • NAR’s recent partnership with CMLS signifies a change in NAR’s relationship with MLSs, NAR said.
  • NAR anticipates the manager of MLS will work from its Chicago office and plans to hire the individual ASAP.

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Realtor associations created multiple listing services decades ago as marketplaces to help brokers representing sellers and brokers representing buyers cooperate. The vast majority of home sales in this country occur through MLSs. As marketplaces made up of cooperating competitors, MLSs are responsible for ensuring everybody follows the same rules, complies with the law and pays what they say they're going to pay. In that vein, the National Association of Realtors imposes policies on Realtor-affiliated MLSs, which comprise the vast majority of the nation's 800 or so MLSs. But MLSs aren't just compliance cops. When real estate agents and brokers want to help clients buy or sell a home, their most important technology tool is generally the MLS. In May, NAR announced a partnership with the Council of MLSs (CMLS) to work together and spur innovation in the industry, in part by establishing programs for "game changer" initiatives and MLS mergers. Now, NAR is in search...