Sales first, relationships second: Let’s get our priorities straight

Far too much of the industry's resources are dedicated to marketing and branding instead of how to be good at sales
  • Real estate is a sales business more than anything.
  • A letter from the bank proves only that the person is financially capable. It's not a personality analysis. Don't let people waste your time.

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I've reviewed a lot of marketing technologies in the months I've been writing this column. A lot of them talk about building brands and capturing prospects and how to make a buyer a seller. The same goes for CRMs and brokerage management platforms. I love learning about what's new and innovative, and I really dig the process of problem solving that goes into a real estate technology product. That's what makes the good, good and the not-so-good, bad. And problem solving is also what makes a real estate agent a good salesperson. And that's what I don't see enough of in and around the Inman community, as well as the industry in general: talk about being good sales professionals. You know, how to be good at selling. Warts and all I'm not sure when, but somehow salesmanship has taken a back seat to relationship building. I think that's a bad thing. A person can be good at both, but since relationships don't pay our mortgages, it's better to be good at sales. I caugh...