Why every new-build buyer needs a savvy agent

Take a hard look at the potential construction pitfalls
  • When working with new-home buyers, they must immediately identify you as their agent.
  • Advise your buyers to do their homework before deciding on a specific builder.
  • Beware of costly maintenance headaches, and look for impractical design features.

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Many homebuyers are open to buying a new home. If new homes are part of your marketplace, educate your buyers about why they need a savvy real estate agent representing them a dual agency relationship with the builder’s in-house sales staff. As cordial as new-home sales staff might be, they have a fiduciary duty to the builder client. To make sure that your clients are aware of the pitfalls in purchasing a new home, walk them through the benefits and risks during your initial buyer interview. It’s an excellent way to illustrate your value while also helping you earn a commission if your clients elect to build. 10 ways agents can help their new-home buyer clients In case you haven’t worked with a builder sale before, here are 10 facts of life about new construction that you and your clients need to know: 1. Have buyers immediately identify you as their agent When you conduct your buyer interview, give your buyers several of your business cards. Explain that whe...