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The differences in boundaries and expectations can mean everything
  • A 'boundary' is the dividing point between behaviors that we are willing to accept from others.
  • Slain by an expectation is when two people have different expectations resulting in disappointment.
  • Standard and boundary differences are the primary sources of conflict in almost every area of our lives.

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Clinton or Trump? Global warming or cooling? Black lives matter or all lives matter? In a time where emotions are running higher than any time in decades, the question is: where do you draw your personal boundaries when you are working with clients -- do you speak up or shut up? How strongly do you feel about the upcoming presidential election? Are you willing to fire all of your present and past clients who disagree with you politically? Are you willing to unfriend anyone in your social network who strongly supports the candidate you oppose? Are your beliefs so strong that you will sacrifice business to avoid working with a client who disagrees with your viewpoint? Or do you ignore politics completely and focus instead on helping as many people as possible to achieve their dream of homeownership? Standards and boundaries These questions require you to identify exactly what your standards are as well as where you draw your personal boundaries. A “standard” is a behavior ...