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A guide to buy in the Bay Area, where $1M is not chump change

When $1.35M is the median home price, there's bound to be some affordable gems
  • The median home price in SF is $1,350,000 for the first half of 2016.
  • A majority of the "affordable" homes and condos are in the south and southwest parts of San Francisco.
  • Visitacion Valley and Silver Terrace had the lowest median home price of $752,000 for two-bedrooms, one-bathroom and available parking.

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Hey, San Francisco, we get it: You're more expensive than most of the country. Your median home price so far in 2016 is $1.35 million, according to a new report, so it would help out if you cooled off just a little bit for the sake of our wallets. Paragon Real Estate Group just released its semi-annual report about home pricing and neighborhoods in San Francisco. Although you'd have to be a cave-dwelling hermit to not know the Bay Area is expensive, this report shows what you get for how much, and where. Only 26 percent of house sales in the first half of 2016 were under $1 million, Paragon says. In 2011, the real estate firm reported that figure at 75 percent. PREG's map of San Francisco neighborhoods Affordability comes in from the south Paragon's report focused on homes with at least two bedrooms and one bathroom that also offer parking. The report does not include data regarding "fixer-uppers." The lowest median home price of $752,000 came out of the Visitacio...