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How to live through — and explain — uncertainty

Whether political, economic or personal, not knowing what the future holds affects us all

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My parents' best year as small-town Southern Illinois merchants was 1968 -- even though our country was torn apart at the seams. You think 2016 is crazy? Forty-eight years ago, the United States was fiercely un-united. Richard Nixon during the 1968 Presidential election. It was a nasty election year full of dirty tricks, with Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey in a contentious Presidential election face-off. Then Nixon devised his Southern strategy, using racial tension to capture the hearts of angry white working-class Southern Democrats. Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was shot and killed in Los Angeles, the day of the critical California primary and only five years after the country lost his brother Jack to an assassin's bullet. And 1968 was the year pacifist civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., was gunned down in Memphis. Our nation’s cities were on fire from urban riots; the untractable Vietnam War was at its apex, and young protesters had t...