Startup ‘games’ continuing education for agents

Online simulation offers classes in negotiation, fair housing, lead generation
  • A Seattle area startup has created a game that agents can play to complete their continuing education requirements to renew their license.
  • So far, the game is only available to agents in Washington state, but will expand to Oregon and other states over the next six months.
  • The Washington Association of Realtors has endorsed the product, according to the startup.

When real estate agents hear the words "continuing education," the word "fun" may not spring instantly to mind. So a Seattle area-based startup has launched an online simulation -- essentially, a game -- that agents can use to complete the education requirements to renew their licenses. The simulation -- "Generation" -- is the first product of three-year-old startup Real Estate Game Works. 'Training, education, and excitement' Generation replicates "a day in the life" of a real estate agent, prompting agents to find clients, negotiate prices, buy and sell homes, and engage in marketing, the company said in a press release. Agents can access the program on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet (such as an iPad). Agents start off the game in a dim basement and work their way up to a downtown suite. Screen shot of Real Estate Game Works' Generation The traditional method for agent education is non-interactive multiple choice questions, Jed Etters, the startup's CEO...