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Zillow’s trendiest markets for hopeful transplants

Big cities will always be attractive to outsiders, but some see people leaving more than coming
  • A home in San Francisco gets more page views than 92 percent of other markets, the study says.
  • On average, 50 percent of page views from residents of San Francisco are for homes outside of the San Francisco area.
  • Portland, Seattle and Denver are searched heavily by non-residents, but current residents of the cities also want to stay.

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Austin, Texas / GSPhotography / If you want to move Denver or PortlandĀ because of how fun they look, chances are a lot of other people feel the same way, too. But just how many like-minded moversĀ are looking at the same trendy cities you are? A new Zillow report shows San Francisco and Austin as the two hottest markets searched for on its website by outsiders. However, it also shows that current residents of San Francisco and Austin are searching a lot more for homes outside of their present towns than in them. So, more people want to move somewhere where the current residents want to move out. But what does that say about the metro? Zillow hypothesizes the concept of affordability, or lack thereof, in these markets. The median home value in San Francisco is one of the highest in the country, at $1,106,400, according to Zillow -- and median rental payments is around $3,400. "If someone lives in an expensive area, they may look for another place to...