How to get influencers to want to work with you

Samantha DeBianchi sits down with agent Josh Tucker to discuss business-building

In the latest edition of SamSpeaks!, Josh Tucker, managing partner at Anchor Real Estate, sits down with Samantha DeBianchi to talk about how he’s made a business out of getting influencers to trust him. Watch the video:

Some highlights:

  • “What I wanted to do on my exit out of the sport was to be able to still engage with the people I’d spent seven years with — in my new career.”
  • “I always had a passion for real estate but it never dawned on me that that’s what I wanted to do until I jumped into it.”
  • “After I got out of NASCAR and into real estate and started showing up at the NASCAR races in civilian clothes, and not in a race uniform, the racers would recognize me and stop me and say ‘Hey.'”
  • “It’s not necessarily the athlete who you’re trying to win over. More often than not, it’s the business manager.”
  • “We like to hire new talent, new agents…We look for somebody we can teach.”
  • “All I needed was that first person to go and tell everybody that I went out on a limb and did a phenomenal job.”