How a millennial luxury agent builds a marketing plan

In the fourth episode of SamSpeaks!, Samantha DeBianchi talks to agent (and blogger) Dusty Baker, who talks about his marketing strategies across a number of platforms and what it’s like to be a millennial agent in this day and age.

  • “There are so many blogs in Montecito (California) that are buyer’s blogs or seller’s blogs, and I had to do something a bit different.”
  • “You want to read an article that’s not too long, has images and bulletpoints, and that’s how I write.”
  • “Just have fun with it.”
  • “I’m a huge advocate of keeping social media social, and some people just use it to spam.”
    • “I do one-third business, one-third myself or my family, and one-third some kind of hobby that someone can connect with.”
  • “On Facebook — I’m shameless. If I post something and I want people to see it, I’ll call about five of my friends and say ‘Comment and like immediately,’ because otherwise it falls into the abyss.”
  • “We’re not on social media because we’re bored. We’re on it to build an empire.”
  • “I’ve gotten listings because they say, ‘You’re young, you’re tech-savvy — I want that.'”