Is your customer service approach selfishly misguided?

Less can mean more to consumers
  • The services we provide as real estate agents are personal and often tailored.

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Really bad service seems to be the norm these days, and it is often followed up with an endless stream of unwanted communiques and surveys that are apparently meant to replace what I would consider service. Getting horrible service from website hosts and assorted technology companies is a way of life. I can count on the companies that I buy domain names from to be more interested in selling me more than they are in taking care of what I have. They want me to be so confused that I have to call to renew a domain so I have to talk to a salesperson. My websites were recently moved to a new host. Not my idea. One company bought another company; I got an email explaining that my sites would be moved, and they were. I would like to say "hilarity ensued," but I don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to my business sites. It was all so predictable. One site was terribly slow after it was moved, and another was missing entirely. When I complained about the slow site, I wa...