Are you struggling with election anxiety syndrome?

7 ways to alleviate campaign fatigue
  • Cast your ballot early to give your brain a sense of closure and a feeling like you've done your part.
  • The election is just a little ways off -- take a hiatus from talk radio, newspaper sites, political sites and your social media accounts.
  • The only choice you can really control is how you will react to the outcome.

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Election anxiety syndrome (EAS) has gripped the country, destroying friendships, causing major rifts in families and severing business relationships. If you’re in the grip of EAS, you can overcome it. The 2016 presidential election has been unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes. It has all the elements of "Survivor," "Big Brother" and the plot twists worthy of any soap opera. The furor resembles what happens when sports arch-rivals meet to determine a national championship. Real psychological risks A few days ago my stylist described what he was seeing in his clients. Some were severely depressed at the thought of their candidate losing while others would angrily bolt out of his chair if he even dropped the slightest hint that their candidate might lose. When people become so immersed in the election that they become compelled to make it the primary focal point of their waking hours, they might be at risk for a serious psychological problem if their candidate loses...