Your comprehensive ‘give-to-get’ real estate marketing plan

National Spruce Up Day is November 19 -- here's your chance to give back and earn business
  • When you give to others, others give back to you.
  • You have an excellent opportunity right now to leverage National Spruce Up Day, a massive grassroots national initiative to clean up, renovate and improve the overall appearance of our local neighborhoods.
  • Ask the owners of any of your current listings if there is a neighbor who could use you/your group’s help on Spruce Up Day.
  • Use this column as a guide for anytime you'd like to build business with give-to-get-marketing.

Would you like achieving the maximum return on your time and your marketing dollars? If so, take the next seven weeks to follow our give-to-get marketing plan for National Spruce Up Day on November 19, 2016 -- or use it anytime you would like to build your business using give-to-get-marketing. What is give-to-get-marketing? The idea is simple: When you give to others, others give back to you. It’s the same concept as paying it forward: When you help someone, a different person in the future will help you. How give-to-get marketing works I recently ran into Mary Tennant, the past President and COO of Keller Williams and current Board member. When I told Mary about National Spruce Up Day, she explained why KW Cares, RED Day and events like Spruce Up Day are such powerful business-builders: “Where else can you demonstrate your product (real estate), get exposure for your business and show how dedicated you are to helping your community?” Dog Beach Cleanup Day in S...