BuyerPrice brokerage seeks top negotiators to serve app's buyer leads

Platform features a dynamic pricing algorithm and promises shoppers better deals
  • has launched a mobile app that will give buyers a dynamic price estimate of homes for sale.
  • BuyerPrice is seeking to enroll 3,000 top negotiating buyer agents across the country to work with the leads coming in from the app for a program in the testing phases.
  • The location-based app will absorb ratings from buyers touring homes to feed the fluid pricing system, similar to demand-driven metrics on Uber and Airbnb.

Ask anyone how much something is worth and they’ll tell you “as much as a buyer will pay.” Yet much of the real estate market is driven by sellers’ price expectations. BuyerPrice approaches the philosophy of a real estate sale differently and promise buyers: “you’ll pay less for a home if you buy it through us than with a regular broker.”