Zip Your Flyer
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Agent-built marketing service Zip Your Flyer (de)signs, seals, delivers

  • Zip Your Flyer helps agents grab other agents' attention with creative flyers, both digital and print, for their listings.
  • The service offers a user-friendly design interface and a deep library of creative themes.
  • Founded by agents, the company emphasizes high-touch customer service that guarantees a 10 percent email open rate.
Zip Your Flyer
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Zip Your Flyer is a marketing service that automates property flyer creation and dissemination process. Platform(s): Browser-based Ideal for: All real estate agents, especially teams without designated marketing staff Top selling points Streamlined Attractive, professional designs Founded by agents Ongoing email list management Opportunities for both print and email flyers Top concerns Might be redundant with existing email marketing efforts What you should know It's no secret that that in sales, exposure matters. And Zip Your Flyer, which helps users create sharp, contemporary listing flyers from a large collection of designs and themes, has hard numbers that show its customers' listings spend 22 percent less time on the market than typical properties. The real estate specific service focuses on agent-to-agent-marketing (after a...