Podcast: How to make $1 million in commission from your sphere of influence

Joshua Stern explains his successful 'touch' system
  • Making money in real estate with your sphere of influence is all about mindshare.
  • Cement your relationship with the 8-by-8 system.
  • Speak by phone to your sphere four times a year with a scheduled quarterly phone call.

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Would you like to make $1 million in real estate commission by maximizing your sphere of influence (SOI)? When it comes to making money in real estate with your sphere of influence, it’s about mindshare. In other words, you must stay top-of-mind and front and center with the people in your SOI. In a recent Pat Hiban's podcast, guest Joshua Stern explained how to skyrocket your real estate commission by following a simple, yet effective, prospecting-based marketing-enhanced system that keeps your sphere of influence delivering referrals. This is the exact same system that pulled in $1 million in commission for Stern. Let's dive in, touch on some highlights and get you started one down the path toward making your first $1 million in commission from your sphere of influence. Step 1: Cementing the relationship The first step involves cementing the relationship after first meeting someone in person or over the phone. Y...