What’s the missing secret to getting more referrals?

Don't make the mistake other agents are making
  • Think creatively and work hard to offer real value to the people in your target market -- handing out business cards, pens, notepads and calendars is not good enough in today's economy.
  • Do not ask for business or referrals at the same time you're giving value.
  • If you want to get referrals, you need to become a referral generator.

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Nick Najjar wrote a great article recently titled "3 secrets to multiplying your real estate business referrals." Here's the rundown: Ask your past clients to introduce you to other local business owners and professionals Call them, and say "hey, (past client name) told me to give you a call. I help many (insert their profession) with their client's real estate needs. I'd love to meet up for coffee and talk about how we can help each other." Now, I 100 percent agree with "connect people, and you will be connected." Again, Nick, you're awesome for writing this article. As a local professional in fitness with a fiancé who was a real estate agent, I know firsthand that the law of reciprocity is real. However, there is a flaw to the execution plan laid out above. And this is not just by Najjar. Every single referral-based marketing coach in real estate (whom I've followed, at least) -- and the ones who exist in other professions -- are not telling you the most i...