How to plan a successful team retreat

Rachel Adams details her event success

Rachel Adams shares how she threw a successful real estate team retreat to get pumped up and set achievable goals for 2017.

Myth: You need to plan for a January retreat in December. What you do now will effect your results in 90 days, so plan in October for January.

Retreat planning tips

  • Make sure partners are able to participate and perhaps help with costs.
  • Separate your program into sections: leadership, admin, lead generation — the most crucial part.
  • Talk about life goals and business goals; think vision boards. Actively set goals together and individually.
  • Always think about the win-win. Do what you can to help agents achieve their goals.

Rachel Adams is an agent with Keller Williams Realty in Roseville, California; she’s also a coach and the author of Lost To Found In 90 DaysSee more of her videos on YouTube.

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