Could the National HOA Database serve up transparency?

Set to launch in 2017, the database will maintain records for HOAs and condo associations across the country
  • HOAs are often at the center of brutal legal battles and unscrupulous application of neighborhood bylaws.
  • A new website called the National HOA Database will collect data from HOA and condo association bylaws.
  • The tool is set to launch in Florida and Maryland come January with plans for nationwide coverage.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I'm not a huge fan of homeowners' associations (HOAs). They are weakly structured electoral bodies ripe for corruption. HOAs put people with no proven leadership skills in positions to lead, never questioning one's ability to be objective, rational, or anything but a draconian hard-liner. If a neighbor paints his house in a checkerboard pattern and wants a beet farm in his front lawn, so be it. I bet that person would be a heckuva lot of fun at the annual cul-de-sac barbecue. (And beets are good for you!) Why homebuyers don't dig deeper into the verbiage of their HOAs is beyond me. This is why nationalhoadatabase.com caught my attention. What does The National HOA Database offer? Still in ramp-up stage and set to launch in Florida and Maryland come January, the online lookup tool will be exactly what the domain suggests: a person can enter the name ...