The insider clickbait secrets for real estate marketing on steroids

Add that extra value to convert clients
  • You have approximately two to three seconds to grab the reader’s attention before they hit the back button or surf elsewhere.
  • Use excellent images. The weirder or the funnier the image is, the more clickable it will be.
  • Eye-catching photos with attention-grabbing headlines generate clicks, but to convert leads you must also provide meaningful content to your reader.

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What makes a reader click on an ad, or better yet, pick up the phone and call you? Clickbait headlines generate high click rates because they connect emotionally -- now, so can you. When you run an online ad you have one goal -- getting the reader to click on it. The challenge is, how do you stand out from the billions of ads, videos and social media posts that are all vying for attention of your buyers and sellers? Clickbait -- imminently clickable Merriam-Webster defines clickbait as "online material (such as headlines) designed to make readers want to click on hyperlinks, especially when the links lead to content of dubious value or interest." The goal is to exploit the reader's curiosity by giving enough information to make one click, but not enough to satisfy without clicking through the content. This is a good thing for real estate marketing, if you follow through on the unspoken promise made to the reader in the headline; we'll get more into headlines in a moment. ...