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nenetus /

nenetus /

10. Millennials are so yesterday. Here’s what Generation Z thinks about real estate.

grinvalds /

grinvalds /

9. These apps will help you do business no matter where you are.

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8. Sam DeBord takes a look at one of real estate’s hottest companies.

Creating steady real estate income in a cyclical business
Leverage your energy and maximize your results with lead-gen sprints READ MORE

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leungchopan /

7. Keep your eye on these marketing trends — they’ll become increasingly important in the next 12 months.

W.Tab /

W.Tab /

6. To ensure your brokerage’s continuing success, you need to find the balance between agent income, expenses and profit.

A man with a smart home app on his watch

Denys Prykhodov /

5. What were the top tech trends of 2016? Here’s our recap.

Traffic lights

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4. The red, yellow and green school ratings colors are gone from the Zillow portal — here’s why.



3. Antitrust claims against Realtor associations are “plausible” and may move forward, ruled a judge. 


2. We named a “person of the year,” and you’ll never guess who it is.

A statue of Icarus

Alan P /

1. An era of empire is over for this brokerage — what’s it mean for everyone else?

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