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hxdbzxy /

hxdbzxy /

10. Two agents are set to take over San Diego with their luxury auction brokerage branch.

Yulia Grigoryeva /

Yulia Grigoryeva /

9. Where will video marketing go next year? Here’s a rundown.

A woman painting her pink toenails on the carpet of her home

Imcsike /

8. Stagers and sellers, take note: These are the hottest home design trends of 2017.

A woman looks through a virtual reality headset in the midst of boxes

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7. Get ahead of the curve by jumping on 2017’s biggest virtual reality trends right now.


6. Mark Zuckerberg’s “Jarvis” smart home experiment is turning heads — for good reason.

A holiday wreath on a door

Victoria1988 /

5. Some holiday warm-and-fuzzies, real-estate style.

A woman looking ahead at a mountain range

Kochneva Tetyana /

4. What do everyday agents and industry leaders foresee for 2017? Our Special Report digs in.

Paul Brady Photo /

Paul Brady Photo /

3. There were a lot of court battles fought in 2016 — here were seven issues that impacted real estate.

A young plant in the soil

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2. Now’s a good time of year to think about branching out on your own.

A bus bench

igorstevanovic /

1. Need some new lead sources? We got 99 for you, not including the bus bench.

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