So, you want to be unemployed? 7 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Lessons gained from starting my own brokerage
  • You will be ripped off; the market will adapt; never stop improving.
  • Fall in love with your customers and consider them clients for life.
  • Sooner or later, your venture will require 100 percent of your attention to reach fruition.

Power up your Indie Brokerage
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In October of 2012 I was a Boise City firefighter, a union member and a public employee. I had one of the most dependable occupations -- at least in regard to the danger of being fired (no pun intended). Two days later, in November, I was unemployed and on the streets. Well, not exactly on the streets. I had been selling real estate as a "side job" (i.e., I had two full-time occupations) for about 2.5 years when I made the decision to leave employment and jump with both feet into self-employment -- or as we in the game like to call it, unemployment! Not long after leaving the fire service to continue my capitalist journey, I took my real estate license to the next level, became a broker and started my own brokerage. Fast forward 48 months, and Amherst Madison is a top-15 brokerage in Idaho and an intense passion for yours truly. Starting and running your own business is exciting, rewarding, creative and possibly lucrative. It is also stressful, nerve-wracking, saddening ...