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Newton drops a new way to manage multiple email accounts

App features a host of productivity features and organization hacks
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  • Newton, a Webby award-winning email app, helps professionals better manage email.
  • The app actually encourages people to file and delete email instead of save them for the sake of the provider's data coffers.
  • A version for teams is currently in development.

I’ve been using Newton for a number of months, and in many ways I find it superior to Gmail. The email application allows for the consolidation of multiple accounts in a clean, sharp interface with an array of built-in efficiencies.

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Newton is an email application by CloudMagic.

Platforms: Mac OS; Android; iOS
Ideal For: All agents and teams

Top selling points

  • Organized, intuitive inbox
  • Array of built-in enhancements
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Sender profiles via social accounts

Top concerns

  • Somewhat buggy; occasional crashes
  • Can’t create new folders

Rating: 4/5

1 = Not ready to improve business
2 = Functional; Lacking features to better business
3 = Good; Features will appeal to some
4 = Excellent; Wide appeal, minor concerns
5 = Superior; Best of breed features

What you should know

I’ve been using Newton for a number of months and really dig it.

Those familiar with Apple mail will understand how Newton works. Users need only plug in some basic email account data to import Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange or iCloud inboxes.

Any folders you have organized in your accounts will automatically port to Newton.


You can’t create new folders in Newton yet, which is the only feature absence that bothers me.

Organization power

I find Newton’s conversation thread user interface superior to Gmail’s. You can choose to group common messages or leave new ones as stand-alone messages. New emails re-bold the sender and place a blue dot in the margin.

Inbox “Quick Actions,” such as Mark As Unread, Archive, Snooze, Trash or Move To appear as in-line menu options next to every message summary. I love this simple user experience feature.


Feature rundown and real estate applications

Newton can also aid in prospecting via its Sender Profile feature. This practical tool collates social media account data and provides users with personal summaries of senders. A version for teams is currently in development.

A couple of advanced features include automatic integration with Evernote, Todoist, content aggregator Pocket, project manager Asana and Trello, among other cool apps.

Newton can also withdraw messages you might regret by actually removing it from the recipient’s inbox.

Provided they don’t see it first, this feature could very well be the solution to the accidental “reply all” the morning after the Halloween party took a turn for the salacious.

Newton can also withdraw messages you might regret by actually removing it from the recipient’s inbox.

I find read receipts the most useless email feature of all time, but you’ll find that here, too.


I use the mobile version of Newton on an iPhone 7, and it’s equally cool. When I tap and hold on a message for second, the app allows me to release it and begin tapping others for group deletion or relocation. It’s slick. All the other right adjustments are made for the mobile environment.


There’s a sense with Newton that its developers actually want you to delete messages and keep a tidy inbox.

Google, on the other hand, wants you to save everything forever. I’m not a fan. I have a hard enough time keeping my desk clean.

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