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Newton drops a new way to manage multiple email accounts

App features a host of productivity features and organization hacks
  • Newton, a Webby award-winning email app, helps professionals better manage email.
  • The app actually encourages people to file and delete email instead of save them for the sake of the provider's data coffers.
  • A version for teams is currently in development.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Newton is an email application by CloudMagic. Platforms: Mac OS; Android; iOS Ideal For: All agents and teams Top selling points Organized, intuitive inbox Array of built-in enhancements Integration with third-party apps Sender profiles via social accounts Top concerns Somewhat buggy; occasional crashes Can't create new folders Rating: 4/5 1 = Not ready to improve business 2 = Functional; Lacking features to better business 3 = Good; Features will appeal to some 4 = Excellent; Wide appeal, minor concerns 5 = Superior; Best of breed features What you should know I've been using Newton for a number of months and really dig it. Those familiar with Apple mail will understand how Newton works. Users need only plug in some basic email account data to import Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange or iCloud inboxes. Any folder...