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Hiver browser extension makes Gmail easier in 3 key ways

Email is not a good way to manage projects -- Hiver hopes to change that
  • As much as we try to prevent it, email all too often becomes a default storage place for important business information.
  • Hiver is a Chrome extension (used by Uber, Lonely Plant, CBS Interactive and Pinterest among other well-known companies) that turns Gmail into a project management and communication tool.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. The level of training required to ramp up a new technology product should always be part of your buying decision. Thus, products that piggyback on platforms people are already familiar with tend to have an advantage over something completely new. CRM software Streak does this with Gmail. So does Nimble and Amitree's Folio. Now, there's Palo Alto, California-based Hiver, a Chrome extension that turns Gmail into a project management and communication tool. Considering an Adobe Systems 2015 poll reported we spend more than six hours a day in our inbox, there's a good chance yours could use a little TLC. I had a look at Hiver last week, which is used by Uber, Lonely Planet, CBS Interactive and Pinterest, among other well-known companies, and here are three ways it could make a difference in your email life: Streamline transaction communications G...